Public Notice

You must give public notice of your proposals not more than 2 weeks prior to making an application. This must be done

  • by publishing a notice in a locally circulating newspaper (the planning authority will provide you with a list of approved newspapers for this purpose) and
  • by erecting a site notice, which must be on durable, weatherproofed material. It must be in a conspicuous position on the land or structure, so as not to be obscured at any time. Where there is more than one entrance to the site further site notices will be required. A site notice must be A4 size, printed in indelible ink on a white background for a first notice. If you apply for permission for a subsequent development on the same site within 6 months of the first application, the site notice must be in yellow.

These notices must identify the name of the person applying for permission, the type of permission applied for and specify the nature and extent of the proposed development. The location, townland or postal address of the site to which the application relates must be included in the notices. Full details of the information to be contained in the notices are given in the explanatory notes to the application forms.

Sample notices and explanatory notes:

Site Notice (PDF) - 17 kbs

Newspaper Notice Form (PDF) - 19 kbs

The Development Description must be accurate. The public notices must not be ambiguous or inaccurate. If they are or if the planning authority (or An Bord Pleanála on appeal) consider the notices misleading or inadequate for public information, you will be asked to publish and / or erect a further notice.

The planning authority will ask for a notice to be erected if one has not been put up or is missing, when the site is inspected. This will delay the application.  Copy of each public notice must accompany the application. For the newspaper notice, you must give the planning authority the full page showing the date of publication.

List of Approved Newspapers for Planning Notices:-

  • The Irish Independent
  • The Irish Times
  • The Irish Examiner
  • The Sligo Champion
  • The Sligo Weekender
  • The Western People – for the Tubbercurry and Enniscrone Areas only.

The date of erection of the site notice should be given on the application.