Stage 4

Exhibition of Masterplan Projects & Final Reports

The Display of Masterplan Regeneration Projects was held in a marquee on the Central Cleared site in Cranmore for 3 days in September 2015.

This is the 4th stage in the Regeneration Masterplan process, building on ideas and feedback gathered in earlier consultations. The display of Projects was developed in response to concerns raised by the community and offered options and projects to finally refine the Regeneration Masterplan.

Visitors were asked to sign in, and each was handed a single sheet questionnaire of 12 questions. Simple responses were sought, with a tick box for ‘support’ or ‘do not support’, with a ranking for the priority of each project as either high (1), medium (2) or low (3). On the reverse of the questionnaire was space for comments.

26 information panels were on display with places to sit, discuss and complete the questionnaire. A map on a central table indicated the location of all the projects. Copies of the Stage 1, 2 and 3 reports were also available for people to view.409 people attended the exhibition and 352 questionnaires were returned.

The feedback from the questionnaires is documented in the Stage 4 Overview Report.

Each of the display panels is available for viewing below:

Stage 4 - Final Reports

The Stage 4 Draft Reports build on the ideas and actions identified through Stages 1-3.

In Stage 4 the ideas were refined and developed further:

  • Physical Plan: This report documents the Consultation process through Stage 4, and the findings from the Masterplan public consultation in September 15.
  • Social Plan: For each of the social themes a series of actions are indicated, with lead agencies identified for each action
  • Economic Plan: A series of economic themes actions are indicated, with lead agencies identified for each action

In these Reports the Design Team have made a series of recommendations for the Final Masterplan, to be agreed with the Regeneration Steering Group.

Stage 5 will provide a conclusion to the masterplan process, and a Masterplan to guide the regeneration of the east city area, Cranmore and environs in the coming years. 

Stage 4 - Overview Report 


Stage 4 - Overview Report - Appendix A


Stage 4 - Overview Report - Appendix B


Stage 4 - Project Location Map


Stage 4 - Social Plan


Stage 4 - Economic Plan