Cathaoirleach welcomes Estonian Ambassador to County Hall

Cathaoirleach welcomes Estonian Ambassador to County Hall CE Martin Lydon and Cathaoirleach Councillor Gerard Mullaney welcoming the Estonian Ambassador Mrs. Kairi K√ľnka to County Hall

Cathaoirleach, Councillor Gerard Mullaney, welcomed the Estonian Ambassador to Ireland, Her Excellency Ambassador Mrs. Kairi Künka, to County Hall on Tuesday.

Also in attendance were Chief Executive Martin Lydon, Councillor Michael Clarke, and Director of Services Jim Molloy and John Moran. 

The Cathaoirleach said It is an honour to welcome Her Excellency Ambassador Mrs. Kairi Künka to County Hall.

Literature links

Literature serves as a powerful bridge between Sligo and Estonia.  Sligo is synonymous with the renowned Irish poet William Butler Yeats, who found inspiration in its landscapes and legends. 

Yeats, a towering figure in Irish literature, developed a correspondence and friendship with the Estonian poet Marie Under.  Their shared passion for poetry and their mutual admiration for each other's work created a literary link between Sligo and Estonia, reminding us that art knows no borders.

Multicultural community

Only a few decades ago, Ireland could have been considered a relatively insular society with only modest engagement with other countries.  Ireland is now a proudly multicultural community, one that embraces inclusion and celebrates diversity.

International friendships

We have formalised our international friendships by signing ‘twinning’ charters with three towns, Kempten in Germany, Crozon in France and Tallahassee in Florida.

Our Twinning Associations, and the formal and informal contacts developed under the umbrella of the twinning programme, has been the backdrop to important cultural, educational and sporting links.  In this context we are pleased to welcome the Ambassador as our special guest today.  Engagements such as this can be the catalyst for a range of projects and initiatives, and it will also encourage us to explore Estonian history, tradition and culture.


As we welcome Ambassador Künka to Sligo, we also embrace the opportunity to showcase the beauty, talent, and warm hospitality that define Sligo.

This occasion marks a significant milestone in our bilateral relations with Estonia, a nation known for its rich cultural heritage, technological advancements, and steadfast commitment to democratic values.

Shared values

Estonia and Ireland share a common commitment to fostering innovation, promoting sustainable development, and ensuring the well-being of our citizens.  Both of our nations value education, technology, and entrepreneurship as drivers of progress and prosperity.  It is through such shared values and aspirations that we can forge meaningful partnerships and create a better future for our societies.

Mutual understanding

As we look to the future, there is no doubt that the relationship between Ireland and Estonia will continue to grow from strength to strength.  We must seize the opportunities that lie before us and explore untapped potential in various sectors.  By nurturing our mutual understanding and deepening our engagement, we can unlock new avenues for collaboration and create a better future for our peoples.

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