Night of Ideas

Night of Ideas

Night of Ideas

For the first time, Sligo is participating in the yearly global event The Night of Ideas (La Nuit des idees) and bringing an Irish Premiere!

The Night of Ideas is organised by the ‘Institut Français’ in France and is relayed by Embassies and other French institutions around the world and is an invitation to discover the latest knowledge, to listen to those who are advancing ideas in all fields, and to discuss the major issues of our time.

This year’s theme is ‘Closer’ and addresses most particularly Climate Change and The French Embassy is promoting the event.

Schools, Colleges and teachers have been invited to participate to this event and are encouraged, as they wish, to organise discussions, debates and initiatives.

This year, events are organised over a few days and around different events on line.

The film documentary HOME from world renowned French director, photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand, has been selected and is accessible via a free streaming platform from the 3rd to the 12th of February 2021.

It addresses the theme Closer by going back to what connects all kinds of human forms and how, as mankind, we need to reconnect…closer.

Then years after HOME, Yann Arthus Bertrand has just released his new movie LEGACY which will be launched in Galway as the Irish Premiere.

LEGACY is a powerful cry from the heart. He shares a sensitive and radical vision of our world, which he has seen deteriorate over the course of a generation, and reveals a suffering planet, a confused humanity unable to take seriously the threat weighing on it and on all living things. It is an emergency: everyone can and must take strong action for the planet’s future for our children.

Catherine Gagneux, French Honorary Consul for Connacht, describes the 2 movies as;

‘Though the movie HOME is from 2009 it shows the beautiful diversity of our ecosystem, how humans have been cohabitating with Earth are also threatening this fragile balance and also how some initiatives are being developed and more actions are needed. Through the sequence of the narration, facts and mesmerising aerial footage it invites each and everyone of us to see how everything is interlinked and to ‘Have the courage of the truth and look at each other with open eyes’. LEGACY, looks back at the last fifty years and at our heritage, how we got disconnected and how ‘We must come to terms with nature“

Details are available on the French Embassy website 

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