Sligo and Environs Area

The Plan review process started with a pre-draft public consultation period from 7 December 2007 to 8 February 2008. This resulted in the First Manager’s Report SEDP – SEDP – First Manager’s Report (PDF) - 933 kbs , which was submitted to the elected members, who subsequently directed the Manager to prepare the Draft SEDP.

Having considered the proposals put before them, Sligo County Council and Sligo Borough Council at their special meetings of 17 November and 22 December respectively, approved the Draft Plan for publication.

The Draft Plan was put on public display from 9 February to 22 April 2009. During the public consultation period, the planning authorities received 172 submissions and observations. A further 32 submissions were received in relation to the Draft RPS.

The Second Manager’s Report on submissions and observations summarised all the issues raised and made recommendations as to whether the Draft Plan and Draft RPS should be modified or not. The Second Manager’s Report was supported by the Environmental Report: Addendum I.

Second Manager's Report (PDF) - 4,288 kbs  

Second Manager's Report - Submissions Map (PDF) - 7,131 kbs  

Environmental Report: Addendum I (PDF) - 161 kbs  


At their special meetings on 20 July, the members of Sligo Borough and County Councils considered the Draft SEDP and the Second Manager’s Report and resolved to amend the Draft Plan and Draft RPS.

The proposed amendments were available for public inspection between 19 August and 16 September. The Proposed Amendments document was accompanied by a Proposed Amendments Map and an Environmental Report: Addendum II.

Proposed Amendments to the Draft SEDP 2010-2016 (PDF) - 3,757 kbs  

Proposed amendments to the Draft SEDP Map (PDF) - 7,773 kbs  

Environmental Report: Addendum II (PDF) - 130 kbs  


A total of 74 submissions were received on the Proposed Amendments. These were addressed in the Third Manager’s Report, which was accompanied by an Environmental Report: Addendum III.

Third Manager's Report (PDF) - 1,605 kbs  

Environmental Report: Addendum III (PDF) - 442 kbs  


Having considered the Proposed Amendments and the Third Manager’s Report on submissions, Sligo County Council and Sligo Borough Council adopted the new SEDP 2010-2016 at their special meetings on the 2nd of November 2009.

Of the 137 proposed amendments, 136 were adopted with or without modifications. One proposed amendment was not adopted. A further four minor modifications to the Plan were made.

SEDP Adopted Amendments (PDF) - 2,903 kbs  

SEDP Adopted Amendments Map (PDF) - 4,821 kbs