The review of the Sligo County Development Plan commenced on 17 April 2009, with a pre-draft consultation period lasting until 12 June 2009. In this interval, 64 submissions were received. Their contents and associated Manager’s recommendations are contained in the First Manager's Report - 2,858 kbs


Subsequently a Draft Plan was prepared, consisting of two volumes:

  • Volume 1 sets out an overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of County Sligo, addresses a range of issues, including management of growth, providing housing, supporting balanced economic development, conserving environmental quality and delivering improved infrastructure. 
  • Volume 2 of the Draft Plan includes detailed zoning and development objectives for 30 settlements.


The Draft Plan also includes The Draft Record of Protected Structures - 3,824 kbs and is accompanied by the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Report - 5,606 kbs

The Draft Plan and associated documents were on public display from 30 June to 8 September 2010. A total of 196 submissions and observations were received during the consultation period.

The Second Manager’s report addressed the issues raised in submissions and made recommendations on proposed amendments of the Draft Plan.


Second Manager’s Report

Second Manager's Report - Volume 1 - 1,302 kbs

Second Manager's Report - Volume 2 - 571 kbs

Second Manager's Report - Volume 3 - RPS - 317 kbs

Second Manager's Report - Ballymote Electoral Area maps - 8,118 kbs

Second Manager’s Report - Dromore West Electoral Area maps - 7,906 kbs

Second Manager's Report - Sligo-Drumcliff Electoral Area maps - 10,685 kbs

Second Manager's Report - Strandhill Electoral Area maps - 414 kbs

Second Manager's Report - Tobercurry Electoral Area maps - 2,836 kbs


An Environmental Report Addendum I - 149 kbs was also prepared and submitted to the Council members.

Having considered the Second Manager’s Report, the Council decided to amend the Draft Plan and a set of Proposed Amendments was prepared.


Proposed Amendments

Determination - 54 kbs

Proposed Amendments to the Draft CDP 2011-2017 - 892 kbs

Adopted Amendments – Map Book - 12,617 kbs

Environmental Report - Addendum II - 455 kbs


The Proposed Amendments and associated documents were placed on public display from 9 February to 9 March 2011. During the consultation period, 16 submissions were received, with a further two submissions received after the deadline. The Manager’s opinions and recommendations were submitted to the members in the form of the Third Manager’s Report - 349 kbs

The new CDP 2011-2017 was finally adopted on 16 May 2011.


Adopted Amendments

Adopted Amendments of the Draft CDP 2011-2017 - 919 kbs

Adopted Amendments – Map Book - 12,617 kbs