SEDP 2004-2010

Sligo and Environs Plan 2004-2010

The main instrument for regulating, controlling and – essentially – promoting sustainable development in County Sligo is the Development Plan. The Plan states the Planning Authority’s policies for land use and for development control in its area. Sligo Borough Council, in exercising control, must consider the provisions of the Plan and try to secure its objectives.

A new Development Plan must be made every six years. The Borough Council is required to publish notice of its intention to review the Plan, not later than four years after the making of a development plan. The review process extends over two years.

The territory under the jurisdiction of Sligo Borough Council is covered by :

Sligo and Environs Development Plan 2004-2010 – covering the Borough area and the Environs of Sligo (the town’s extension outside the Borough Council’s jurisdiction).  SEDP has been adopted by both Sligo Borough Council and Sligo County Council. 

Centre Block Master Plan


A number of Variations to the Development Plan have been adopted.

Variation 1:  Housing Strategy 2005 - 2011 
Variation 2:  Courthouse Block Urban Design Framework Plan 

Variation 4:  Re-Zoned Lands within the IDA Business Park to Business, Industry and Technology Parks 
Variation 5:  Transport Objective (T7.1) for the existing Abbey Street Car Park to promote and support the realisation of a multi-storey car park

A number of other policy documents that form part of the Sligo and Environs Development Plan 2004 – 2010 are:

Housing Strategy

Sligo Housing Strategy - Integral - 11 Oct 05

Retail Strategy

Sligo City Centre and Retail Strategy 2004 - 2010 - 6,464 kbs