Enniscrone LAP 2004-2013

Enniscrone Local Area Plan 2004-2013

Enniscrone Local Area Plan was adopted on the 1st of March 2004 and remained operational for six years, until 2010.

A progress report on the implementation of the LAP objectives was prepared in late 2009 and submitted to the members of Sligo County Council in January 2010. This report outlined that the objectives of the LAP had not been substantially achieved. Therefore, the report recommended extending the life of the Plan while maintaining the objectives unchanged.

On 6 September 2010, Sligo County Council decided to extend the life of Enniscrone Local Area Plan by three years, to 5 September 2013.

The LAP and all associated documents can be downloaded from the links below. Hard copies can be obtained at a cost from the Planning Section of Sligo County Council, from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

E-mail dpu@sligococo.ie



Front cover and Contents - 1,573 kbs

Section 1 - Strategic Context - 3,428 kbs

Section 2 - Local Context - 9,401 kbs

Section 3 - Shaping Future Development - 2,641 kbs

Section 4 - Policies and Objectives (part 1) - 13,145 kbs

Section 4 - Policies and Objectives (part 2) - 12,356 kbs

Appendices - 2,309 kbs

Zoning Map - 1,701 kbs


Consultation Documents 2010

Enniscrone Local Area Plan Progress Report (PDF) - 70 kbs

Enniscrone Local Area Plan Amendment - Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report (PDF) - 410 kbs

Strategic Environmental Assessment Decision for Enniscrone Local Area Plan Amendment (PDF) - 27 kbs

Public notice regarding commencement of Enniscrone amendment - 12 kbs

Manager’s Report - 33 kbs