Sligo CC Housing Delivery Action Plan 2022-2026

In September 2021 the government published its Housing for All Strategy setting out its plans to increase the supply of housing to an average of 33,000 per year over the next decade.

Following the launch of the Housing for All strategy, the department of Housing Local Government and Heritage (DHLGH) issued circular 32/2021 to all local authorities requesting that they prepare and submit a draft Housing Delivery Action Plan 2022-2026 by the 17/12/2021. The  draft HDAP should set out how and where the local authority would deliver on the annual social housing delivery targets set by the Minister in his letter to Chief Executives on 21/09/21. Following consideration and review of the Draft Sligo HDAP by the department, a second draft was issued to the members of Sligo County Council at their meeting on the 13 June 2022. On the 30th June, the Department confirmed that the Sligo HDAP 2022-2026 was approved and requested that it be uploaded to the Sligo County Council Web site.


Sligo County Council Housing Delivery Action Plan 2022-2026 (PDF) - 5,728 kbs  PDF