Local Authority Home Loan

To be eligible for a Local Authority Home Loan you must:

  • be a first-time buyer
  • be aged between 18 and 70 years
  • be in continuous employment for a minimum of two years, as the primary earner or be in continuous employment for a minimum of one year, as a secondary earner (see Temporary Amendments in Light of Economic Impacts of COVID-19 under What is continuous employment? on our FAQ page)
  • as a single applicant have an annual gross income of not more than €65,000 (gross) in counties Cork, Dublin, Galway, Kildare, Louth, Meath and Wicklow and be earning under €50,000 (gross) in all other counties
  • as joint applicants have an annual gross income of not more than €75,000 (gross) in all counties
  • submit two years certified accounts if self-employed
  • provide proof of insufficient mortgage offers of finance from two regulated financial providers
  • not be a current or previous owner of residential property in or outside the Republic of Ireland, unless you are a "Fresh Start" applicant
  • applicants are required to declare that they are first time buyers. They must authorise the Local Authority to conduct such checks as are necessary to confirm this, such as conducting Local Property Tax check.
  • occupy the property as your normal place of residence
  • purchase or self-build a property situated in the Republic of Ireland
  • purchase or self-build a property which does not exceed the maximum market value applicable for the county in which it is located
  • consent to a Central Credit Register check
  • currently have a legal right to reside and work in the State and be able to demonstrate that they are habitually resident in Ireland

Eligibility is subject to submission of a complete Local Authority Home Loan application form and confirmation by the local authority.

Application Form and further information can be found on www.localauthorityhomeloan.ie 

Local Authority Home Loan - Application Form (PDF) - 588 kbs  PDF