Council Housing Application Forms

Application to Sligo County Council for Social Housing Support  (Please Ensure You Download and Complete the Forms Listed Below Numbered 1 - 5 When Applying for Social Housing Support)

*Please ensure all documentation submitted is translated to English by an official Translator.

  • Please note that a VALID application will only be accepted. In the event that any of the items listed below are omitted the application will be deemed INVALID and will be returned along with all documentation to you the applicant.

Before you submit an application, Please ensure you meet the following Criteria

  • You are over 18 years of age or over.
  • You are in need of housing.
  • You are unable to provide accommodation from your own resources.
  • If you are single, your net income must not exceed €30,000.
  • If you are a couple, your combined income must not exceed €31,500 – an add on allowance of €750 is included for each household member under 18.
Easy to Read Guide - Social Housing Application Form (PDF) - 1,299 kbs  PDF
Easy to Read Guide - Social Housing Application Form - Gaeilge (PDF) - 899 kbs  PDF
Application Forms
 EnglishAs Gaelige
 EnglishAs Gaelige
Checklist for Applicants (PDF) - 238 kbs Seicliosta d'Iarratasóirí (PDF) - 89 kbs

Application form for Social Housing Support (PDF) - 1,231 kbs

Iarratas ar Thacaíocht Tithíochta Sóisialta (PDF) - 776 kbs
Interview Declaration - Access to Information (PDF) - 127 kbs Dearbhú Agallaimh – Rochtain ar Fhaisnéis (PDF) - 135 kbs
Affidavit Property / Financial Interest / Income / Maintenance and Custody / Access (PDF) - 311 kbs Mionnscríbhinn Leas i Maoin (PDF) - 113 kbs
Areas of Choice Information Leaflet (PDF) - 784 kbs Do Chéadrogha Limistéar(éir) Bileog Eolais (PDF) - 126 kbs
Change of Address / Update of Information (PDF) - 363 kbs Athrú ar Sheoladh / Faisnéis Nua a Thabhairt (PDF) - 104 kbs
Consent Form (PDF) - 306 kbs Foirm Toilithe (PDF) - 101 kbs
Nomination of a Co-correspondent (PDF) - 915 kbs Comh-Chomhfhreagraí a Ainmniú (PDF) - 854 kbs
  List of Commissioner for Oaths / Solicitors in Sligo (PDF) - 35 kbs Liosta de Choimisinéirí Mionnaí / Aturnaetha i Sligeach (PDF) - 38 kbs
  Affidavit of Birth (PDF) - 109 kbs Mionnscríbhinn – Breith (PDF) - 81 kbs
  Household Composition Form for Social Housing Support (PDF) - 88 kbs Foirm Faoi Chomhdhéanamh an Teaghlaigh i Gcomhair SHS - 46 kbs
  ML10 – Certificate of Identity (PDF) - 177 kbs  
  HMD Form 1 – Disability and/or Medical Form (PDF) - 287 kbs TLM Foirm 1 - Míchumas agus/nó Foirm Faisnéise Leighis (PDF) - 233 kbs  
  Easy to Read Guide - Social Housing Application Form (PDF) - 2,359 kbs Treoir Sholéite maidir le Tithíochta Sóisialaí a Foirm Iarratais (PDF) - 1,696 kbs