Anti-Social Behaviour

Managing Local Authority estates in the 21st century is becoming more challenging, especially with the persistent problem of anti-social Behaviour. Sligo Local Authorities is committed to the prevention and elimination of anti-social behaviour in its estates.

Under the Local Authority Legislation, primarily, Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1997, the Sligo Local Authorities have been empowered to tackle the problems associated with Anti-Social Behaviour and promote good estate management. However, the fight against drugs, violence and other social problems must be a co-ordinated and co-operative approach between statutory bodies such as the Garda Síochána and Health Services Executive North West. No one agency can succeed to combat the problems of anti-social behaviour and requires the partnership and mutual support of not only statutory bodies but also the local communities and voluntary organisations. This legislation has been amended by the introduction of Residential Tenancies Act 2004 – Section 197 enabling the local authority to adopt measures against anti-social behaviour to Tenant Purchasers referred to as “relevant purchaser” to whom a housing authority has sold a house under the Housing Acts 1966 to 2002 or a person who subsequently has a vested interest in the dwelling (see Section 4.12 below)

Indeed there exists an overlap between the definition of Anti-Social Behaviour as found in the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1997 and breach of tenancy as found in the Tenancy Agreement, which all tenants must sign when allocated a dwelling.

Section 1 of the Housing Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1997 gives the definition of anti-social behaviour which includes either or both of the following:

  • All aspects of illegal drug activity in a Local Authority Dwelling except possession of drugs for personal use 
  • Serious violence and intimidation which must be frequent and persistent towards another person.

The Sligo Local Authorities’ Mission Statement is:

To investigate all complaints of anti social behaviour in a fair, objective and professional manner to enable all residents in Local Authority estates enjoy living in a peaceful and safe environment.

Sligo County Council.
Report on Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy 2018 (PDF) - 277 kbs  PDF
Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy 2018 (PDF) - 580 kbs  PDF
Tenant Handbook - 1,344 kbs  PDF

If you wish to make a report or complaint to Sligo County Council, please contact or telephone 071 9111217. Please provide your own contact details for follow up.