About the Register

About Register of Electors

Sligo County Council is responsible for the preparation of the Register of Electors for the whole of County Sligo.

The County is divided into two Electoral Areas as follows:-

  • Ballymote-Tubbercurry
  • Sligo

The Register is updated each year and is in force from February to February.

Only persons whose names appear on the Register will be entitled to vote in Referenda and/or Dail or Local Government and/or European Assembly Elections which may be held during the lifetime of that Register. However, any person/s who missed out on having their name included in time for the publication of the Register may apply to have their name/s included on a Supplement to that Register.

Supplements to the Register are usually prepared only if an election or referendum is called. The closing date for receipt of applications for same must reach the County Council on or before the fourteenth day (Sundays, public holidays and Good Friday excluded) before polling day in order to be considered for that election or Referendum. 

The Electoral (Amendment) Act, 2001 made provision for the preparation of an “edited” version of the Register of Electors omitting the names and addresses of Electors who have requested that the information not be used for purposes other than for which it was provided or other statutory use. The “edited” version of the Register came into force on 1st February, 2005.  


The number of persons listed on the current 2014/2015 Register of Electors for County Sligo is 51,349.  


Any person who is 18 years of age or over or will be 18 by 15th February next, and who is not currently  registered as an Elector in County Sligo or elsewhere is eligible to apply for inclusion. The address given must be their full-time normal place of residence.  

Addition of Names

You can have your name included on the Register in any of the following ways.

By giving your name to a Field Officer who may call to your home when the  Register is being updated. They usually call during August, September of each year.


By completing and returning the necessary application form which may be obtained at any Post Office or Garda Station or you can contact Sligo County Council directly.

Removal of Names

Sligo County Council tries insofar as possible to ensure that the Register is kept up to date. However, because people are constantly on the move it can be quite difficult to keep the Register completely accurate. If your name was removed from the Register of Electors it was most probably due to one of the following reasons,

You are or were no longer resident at the address given for you on the Register when it was being updated. This information is generally given to us by Field Officers for the area or by local Gardaí .

Polling cards were returned undelivered and marked “Gone away”,  “Unknown at this address”, etc. by An Post .

Before any name is removed, a letter is usually sent to the person at their last known address informing them of the proposal to remove their name and allowing them 10 days to contact the Council if the information is incorrect.  

Postal Voters and Special Voters

Certain persons are eligible to apply for inclusion in the Postal Voters list. 

The categories of people eligible for postal voting are: members of the Garda Síochana; full–time members of the defence forces; diplomats serving abroad and their spouses; persons unable to vote in person due to a physical illness or physical disability who are ordinarily resident at their residence; persons who because of the circumstances of their occupation, service or employment (including students pursuing a full-time course of study in an educational institution in the State) are likely to be unable to vote in person at their polling station on polling day; and prisoners.

Persons eligible to apply for inclusion in the Special Voters List are those unable to vote in person due to a physical illness or physical disability and who are ordinarily resident in a hospital, nursing home or similar institution.

For any queries in relation to the Register of Electors or to obtain application forms, please contact Corporate Services Section, Sligo County Council, Telephone 071 9111012 or e mail mfarrell@sligococo.ie