Dorothy Clarke

Ms. Dorothy Clarke

Director of Planning Community and Economic Development
071 911 4411

Dorothy is a graduate of NUI Galway and joined Sligo County Council in October 1999 as Director of Services for Community & Enterprise. Her initial task was to establish the Sligo County Development Board and the Sligo Community Forum and to lead, guide and assist the CDB in the development of its 10 year Integrated Strategy on economic, social & cultural development. As Director of Services for Community & Enterprise she was also involved in other activities e.g. Community Development, Social Inclusion, RAPID programme, Tourism Development & Promotion, Urban & Village Renewal, Sports & Recreation, County Council led Peace II Task Force etc. In March of 2006, Dorothy took up the position of Director of Services for Housing, Corporate & Emergency Services. Dorothy has extensive experience and qualifications in the areas of Community & Enterprise Development, Management Systems and Administration. She previously worked as CEO of Leitrim County Enterprise Board, as a Development Officer with Leitrim County Development Team and as Assistant Staff Officer with Leitrim County Council.