About Strategic Policy committees

What are strategic Policy committees?

Strategic Policy Committees were introduced as part of an ongoing process of local government reform and in keeping with the policy of broadening involvement in the local government through participation by community and sectoral interests.

The role of the SPCs is:

  • To formulate policy proposals, evaluate and report on policy implementation for consideration 
  • Provide policy centred committees which can harness the experience of external bodies in the formulation of policy 

The Committees are not designed to deal with routine operational matters in relation to the delivery of services. These are dealt with thorough the Area Committees.  

How are they structured?

The SPCs which consists of elected members of Sligo County Council and others who are nominated by / or representative of the sectors relevant to the work of the particular SPC.

The Chairperson of each Committee is appointed from the full Council, from amongst the Councillor appointees to the SPCS. i.e. the Cathaoirleach is a member of the Council. 

Each Chairperson holds the office for the life time of the Council.

SPC membership for Councillors will be for the lifetime of the Council. A member ceasing to be a Councillor will cease to be a member of the SPC. Councillors may not be nominated to represent sectoral interests.

Sectors Represented on the SPC’s include the National Pillars representing Agricultural/Farming; Business/Employers and Trade Unions with representatives from Environment, Social Inclusion and Community/Voluntary being nominated through the Public Participation Network (PPN).

Sligo County Council have 4 Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs):

SPC 1 - Housing and Corporate  10 (6 elected members, 4 sectoral)
SPC 2 - Environment and Infrastructure  10 (6 elected members, 4 sectoral)
SPC 3 - Planning, Community and Economic Development, Arts and Culture  13 (8 elected Members, 5 sectoral)
SPC 4 - Climate Change 10 (6 elected members, 4 sectoral)


Adopted SPC Scheme 2019-2024 (PDF) - 312 kbs  PDF