O’Connell Street Enhancement

The project involves the refurbishment of Sligo’s busiest commercial zone and pedestrian thoroughfare. The main design ethos is to create an improved pedestrian zone by enhancing the quality and attractiveness of the urban environment. In addition, the project aims to create a permeable inter-connected metropolitan space that will facilitate commercial and residential opportunities for the undeveloped and underutilised sites, on and in proximity to O'Connell Street.

This project is the initial step in the provision of the Global Public Realm Strategy for Sligo City and, as such, is considered the flagship project on which the design ethos and rationale for other projects will be based. The O'Connell Street Project aims to enhance the image and setting of the street by upgrading its public spaces; conserving its built heritage; protecting its archaeological items; encouraging people to explore Sligo; and helping local businesses to flourish and develop.

The project includes works on O’Connell Street, at the northern end with its junction with Wine Street / Fish Quay and Lower Knox Street; along Lower Knox Street to Hyde Bridge; on O’Connell Street at the southern end with its junction with Grattan Street and John Street; and on the main body of O’Connell Street itself.
One of the key goals is to deliver an attractive urban space, with enhanced linkages to other pedestrian areas within Sligo, such as Tobergal Lane and the flourishing Rockwood Parade precinct, with its multitude of shops, bars and restaurants..

Project Updates

Phase 1:

Construction for Phase 1 of the Project commenced on the ground in April 2019. Phase 1 was completed at the end of 2020.
Phase 1 of the project has delivered a quality metropolitan space with unique characteristics while maintaining the street's identifiable cultural and heritage features. The scheme has maximised connections to other pedestrian areas within the city core. It has created the foundation for a dynamic and vibrant modern city area. At the outset the design ethos was to improve the pedestrian experience on O'Connell Street. The streetscape has provided a notable transition to pedestrian priority from motor vehicle use for the inner-city core.

Phase 2:
The procurement for Phase 2 was carried out in 2020 and construction is expected to be carried out in 2021.

Tender documents were published on the Etenders website on the 12th May 2021. The return date for completed tenders is 9th June 2021. Sligo County Council expect that a preferred contractor shall be identified by Mid July 2021 with a start date for the works during Q3, 2021. It is envisaged that the construction works will take approximately 6 months, with a completion date in Q2 2022.

Phase 2 will continue the design principles that have been applied in Phase 1. Phase 2 will continue the new streetscape on O'Connell Street in both an easterly and westerly direction to Wine Street and lower Knox Street respectively. This approach will provide a seamless transition from one street to another, further adding to the pedestrian experience. Phase 2 will provide an upgraded junction (Wine Street/O'Connell Street/Lower Knox Street) incorporating new controlled pedestrian crossings. This will provide enhanced safety measures for vulnerable road users.
Phase 2 will continue to incorporate innovation by providing substantial measures to cater for future smart-technologies that may be employed for the exchange of data in the city area. These include the provision of Wi-Fi on the Street, gathering real-time environmental data, and monitoring pedestrian and traffic movements.


Newsletter Updates

O'Connell St Newsletter - October 2019 - 673 kbs  PDF
O'Connell St Newsletter - September 2019 - 823 kbs  PDF
O'Connell St Newsletter - August 2019 - 1,582 kbs  PDF
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Funding Agencies

The O’Connell Street Enhancement Project Is Funded From The Following Sources:

  • The European Regional Development Fund (Erdf) – Urban Development Fund For Designated Urban Centres (Administered By The North Western Regional Assembly, Nwra)
  • The Department Of Housing, Planning And Local Government (Secured Through The Cranmore Regeneration Office Of Sligo County Council);
  • Grant Aid From The Urban Regeneration And Development Fund (Urdf).
Logos The O'Connell Street Enhancement Project contributes to the Sustainable Urban Development Theme of the ERDF co-funded Border,Midland & Western Regional Opertational Programme 2014-2020.

Public Lighting

Electric Skyline has commenced the Public Lighting Upgrade Works on O’Connell Street, which will see the provision of high-quality LED public lighting along the busy streetscape.

It will also include the provision of smart technology for monitoring and changing the lights, with additional capabilities of data capture in the form of environmental readings, traffic flows and pedestrian movement – all certain to produce tangible benefits. This approach will facilitate real-time data capture, which can be employed to inform future strategies for the inner-city area.

The provision of the new public lighting will reduce energy requirements by 48% annually, representing a reduction of Co2 emissions of 165,100kg over 25 years. Additionally, the lights will be designed to current standards and will provide the appropriate amount of light at various times of the day and night.


The O’Connell Street Enhancement Project is being undertaken by Mayo-based company ShareRidge Limited. ShareRidge is a dynamic, modern and innovative civil engineering solutions specialist and has established itself as one of Ireland’s most highly regarded water conservation providers. ShareRidge boasts strong technical competency and experience across a wide range of civil engineering disciplines, including in pipe replacement and in public realm / street enhancement works.

ShareRidge has a wealth of experience and expertise in projects of a similar nature and complexity to the O’Connell Street Enhancement Project. In recent years, the company has successfully completed myriad major projects across the country, including the Parnell & Davis Street Urban Realm Improvement Scheme. This project saw ShareRidge transform Limerick’s Parnell Street and Davis Street, upgrading the existing streetscape and dramatically improving public roads, footpaths and cycle tracks. The work also included the provision of new public lighting and street furniture; the alteration and improvement of drainage in the area; and the management and protection of existing utilities.

ShareRidge also led several other projects across Limerick, including the Catherine Street / Roches Street Junction Improvement Scheme and the Cappamore Main Street and Moore Street Road Improvement Scheme. The Catherine Street project was similar to Parnell & Davis Street and included the upgrade of a busy junction, providing a high-quality and safe environment for all road users, as well as contributing to an attractive city centre for Limerick. In Cappamore, works included the replacement, reconstruction and surfacing of the existing road and the upgrade of the footpaths, as well as the installation of new watermains and the transfer of existing services.

Construction works commenced on O’Connell Street on April 29th last and efforts have been concentrated on the south-east corner the street. The existing footpath – at the south-east corner – has been replaced with a new granite footpath. Works have been completed on both sides of the Grattan Street Junction (Lowe’s Jewellers/EBS building and the old Ulster Bank building up to Party Boutique), including the addition of new underground services and footpath drainage.

At present, construction works are ongoing from Party Boutique to the traffic signals. The footpath and road pavement have been removed along this section and work is progressing with the laying of Eir and ESB ducting. In addition to the new footpath in this area, disabled parking areas and a new loading bay are also being put in place.

South East O’Connell Street (Party Boutique to Traffic Signals)

  • Continue excavation of existing layby and footpath
  • Installation of new services and ducts, including ESB requirements, Eir and SCC Ducting
  • Installation of Footpath Drainage System
  • Construction of new footpath, including concrete makeup, bedding material and granite paving

South West O’Connell Street (Source)

  • Commence excavation of footpath
  • Installation of new services and ducts, including ESB requirements, Eir and SCC Ducting
  • Construction of new footpath, including concrete makeup, bedding material and granite paving.

South West O’Connell Street (Traffic Signals to Three Store)

  • Commence excavation of existing layby and footpath
  • Installation of new services and ducts, including ESB requirements, Eir and SCC Ducting
  • Installation of Footpath Drainage System
  • Construction of new footpath, including concrete makeup, bedding material and granite paving