Motor Caravans

Motor Caravans must be tested on the fourth anniversary of first registration and thereafter every 2 years until the vehicle is 10 years old after which annual testing applies.

Persons wishing to tax a Motor Caravan must supply the following:

  • Application form RF100a - Motor Tax Renewal Form (PDF) - 738 kbs  must be fully completed and signed ensuring valid insurance details are entered
  • Current Roadworthiness Certificate (if required)
  • For the first time taxing of the Motor Caravan or first time taxing after adaptations have been made to the vehicle, the owner should contact the Revenue Commissioners who will advise regarding the proper inspection of the vehicle.  Once Revenue are satisfied that the vehicle meets all the regulations, they will arrange to have the vehicle record updated and then the owner can apply to tax the vehicle at the Motor Caravan rate of tax
  • Motor Caravan Declaration Form  - Motor Caravan Declaration Form (PDF) - 4 kbs  must also be completed
  • Appropriate fee.  Refer to for Rates of Tax Duty