Change of Ownership

Change of Ownership for Vehicles registered before 1993:

For Vehicles registered before 01/01/1993 your local Motor Taxation Office will record the change of ownership.  The following will be required by your Motor Tax Office:

Change of Ownership for Vehicles registered after 01/01/1993:

The Seller and Buyer must sign the Vehicle Registration Cert and either:

  • Send it to Shannon to have the changes recorded or
  • Bring it into MTO if it needs to be taxed to have the records changed.

A new Vehicle Registration Cert (VRC) will issue from Shannon, Co. Clare.  The seller must have the VRC at the time of sale.  If it is lost by him / her they must get a replacement before the sale (form RF134).


To change ownership on a vehicle which does not require tax:

Send the Vehicle Registration Cert to Department of Transport, Shannon, Co Clare.

They will update the ownership and post a new Vehicle Registration Certificate to the buyer.