The Development of a Diaspora Strategy for County Sligo (2019-2024)

It is widely recognised that Diaspora engagement is a critical component in local economic, social and community development in Ireland as outlined in Global Irish – Irelands Diaspora’s Policy”.  As well as reaching out to the Diaspora on a national level there is potential for local communities and counties in Ireland to reach out to their own Diaspora and build new relationships, to benefit local and regional development.

At local level it is an action in the Sligo Local Economic Community Plan 2016-2021 to develop ways of linking with our Diaspora to build mutually beneficial linkages through networks and involvement of other agencies.  (Action 1.6.1 – 1.6.5).

Download Diaspora Strategy for County Sligo (2019-2024) - 4,004 kbs  PDF