PEACE IV Programme

The County of Sligo is to benefit from the PEACE IV Programme (2014-2020) with a budget of €979,395.27

The PEACE IV Programme is a cross-border initiative, financed through the European Union and managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB). It has been designed to support peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland. In addition to supporting peace and reconciliation the EU’s PEACE IV Programme also contributes to the promotion of social and economic stability, in particular through actions to promote cohesion between communities.

As Lead Partner, Sligo County Council, will be responsible for the delivery of the PEACE IV action plan which will promote peace and reconciliation in the County. The plan will focus on three key themes:
‘Children and Young People’, ‘Shared Spaces and Services’ and ‘Building Positive Relations’.

The funding will be used in the delivery of local community initiatives for children and young people involving music, sport and capacity building. There will also be elements focussing on our shared literary and built heritage. Allied to the creation of a shared civic space will be engagement of local community representatives in a placemaking programme. A small grants programme to support grass roots peace building activities and initiatives will also be rolled out.

PEACE IV aims to increase the percentage of people who think relations between Protestants and Catholics have improved and an increased cultural awareness of minority ethnic communities.

Match-funding for this element of the PEACE IV Programme has been provided by the Executive Office in Northern Ireland and the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government in Ireland.

For more details on the PEACE IV Programme here in County Sligo please contact the PEACE IV Programme Team at Sligo County Council –


Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB) -

PEACE IV Heritage Programme

Heritage Programme details (PDF) - 981 kbs  PDF

Small Grants Documents

A1 Progress update June 2018 (DOC) - 13 kbs  WORD
Assets Register (EXCEL) - 31 kbs  EXCEL
Attendance Sheet (DOC) - 1,256 kbs  WORD
Building Positive Relations - 16 Plus Survey (PDF) - 143 kbs  PDF
Budget Change Request Policy (DOC) - 137 kbs  WORD
Request for Changes to Approved Project (DOC) - 69 kbs  WORD
Small Grants Claim Form - Template (EXCEL) - 32 kbs  EXCEL
Claim Declaration by Project Promoters (DOC) - 126 kbs  WORD
Communications Plan Template (DOC) - 13 kbs  WORD
Contact Time Record (DOC) - 126 kbs  WORD
Event Attendance Sheet (DOC) - 14 kbs  WORD
Event Summary Details (DOC) - 1,259 kbs  WORD
Forecast Claim Template (EXCEL) - 237 kbs  EXCEL
Approval for Hospitality/Entertainment (DOC) - 126 kbs  WORD
Procurement Checklist (DOC) - 126 kbs  WORD
Publicity and Marketing Toolkit (PDF) - 947 kbs  PDF
SEUPB Procurement Guidelines (PDF) - 1,821 kbs  PDF
SEUPB - Single Tender Action Request Form (DOC) - 15 kbs  WORD
Small Grants Information (PDF) - 477 kbs  PDF
Time Sheet (EXCEL) - 57 kbs  EXCEL
Travel Claim Form (DOC) - 255 kbs  WORD

Peace Matters Newsletter

Peace Matters Sligo Peace IV Programme Newsletter - January 2020 (PDF) - 10,191 kbs  PDF
Peace Matters Sligo Peace IV Programme Newsletter - November 2018 (PDF) - 3,132 kbs  PDF
Peace Matters Sligo Peace IV Programme Newsletter - February 2018 (PDF) - 449 kbs  PDF
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