LEADER funding

The LEADER Initiative (Liaisons entre actions de développement de l’économie rurale) was established by the European Commission in 1991.  It was designed to aid the development of sustainable rural communities following the reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy.  LEADER promotes a ‘bottom-up’ approach to rural development, with the implementation of business plans and decisions on funding being made at a national level on projects.

The LEADER programme supports locally identified initiatives that seek to address locally identified needs and challenges. It is delivered by a Local Action Group (or LAG), which have been selected to implement Local
Development Strategies. Sligo Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) is the LAG selected for county Sligo.

Sligo Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) is the Local Action Group for delivery of the LEADER programme in Sligo. Sligo LCDC is a committee of Sligo County Council consisting of representatives from statutory and non statutory agencies in the county. The Lead Implementation Partner for the programme will be Sligo LEADER Partnership Company Ltdnt. A budget of €7.6m is available for implementation of the programme in Sligo over the period up to Dec 2020. Funding will be awarded based on all approved Local Development Strategy and the awarding body will be the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC).

Three long term strategic objectives have been identified for EU Rural Development policy in the 2014-2020 programming period:

  • Improving the competitiveness of agriculture
  • The sustainable management of natural resources and climate action
  • A balanced territorial development of rural areas

These broad objectives are given more detailed expression through 6 priorities:

  • Fostering knowledge transfer in agriculture, forestry and rural areas
  • Enhancing the competitiveness of all types of agriculture and enhancing farm viability
  • Promoting food chain organisation and risk management in agriculture
  • Restoring, preserving and enhancing ecosystems dependent on agriculture and forestry
  • Promoting resource efficiency and supporting the shift toward a low-carbon and climate resilient economy in agriculture, food and forestry sectors
  • Promoting social inclusion, poverty reduction and economic development in rural areas


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