Event Coverage

When an event is in the initial stages of being planned and it is felt the event would benefit from having our services available then that is the time to contact us so that we can pencil your request on our calendar until such time an official request is received in writing.  We have a number of standing order events and because of this the number of available days are limited.

Our services can be cancelled at short notice but unless it is an emergency it is not always possible to organise our services at short notice to cover events. A minimum of 2 months notice is preferred, to be placed on calendar and should be followed by application form and relevant paperwork a minimum of one month before event date. We are aware that this may not always be possible and we will endeavour to meet you needs.

Please follow the guidelines listed on what is required to request our services.

Requirements by you for event coverage before we can assist are as follows:

  1. To apply for event coverage please use the attached form and forward to Civil Defence Office by post to Civil Defence Officer, County Hall, Riverside, Sligo.
Non Emergency Event Cover Application Form (PDF) - 153 kbs  PDF