Firlough Wind Farm & Green Hydrogen Project

Public Information Days - 14th & 15th September

Mercury Renewables is proposing the development of the Firlough Wind Farm at Carrowleagh, Bonniconlon, Co. Mayo combined with a Green Hydrogen Plant at Carraun, Castleconnor, Co. Sligo. 

As part of this process, Mercury Renewables is hosting two Public Information Days.  The purpose of these events is to provide the local community with information regarding the proposed develoment and an opportunity to meet with the Mercury Renewables team. 

The Public Information Days will be held at the following times and locations:

  • Wednesday 14th September
    Noon until 8pm
    The Grove Hall, Bonniconlon, Co. Mayo
  • Thursday 15th September
    Noon until 8pm
    Castleconnor Community Centre, Castleconnor, Co. Sligo


Firlough Wind Farm and Green Hydrogen Newsletter September 2022 (PDF) - 13,159 kbs  PDF