Stress Control - online free course

Stress Control - online free course

The HSE and NHS are running a 6 session online free course on how to manage stress.

As the NHS and HSE can’t deliver our Stress Control classes in the community just now, Dr Jim White will, instead, live-stream the classes, free-of-charge, starting on Monday 11th May.


7/11 Breathing  (Practice for 5-10 minutes)

By making each out breath last longer than each in breath we can activate the parasympathetic nervous system causing the body to relax. In order to do this we can simply count to 7 whilst paying attention to breathing in and to 11 whilst paying attention to breathing out.

It can be used at the beginning of a busy day or at the end of a stressful day or anytime you can find a quiet place to do it. It can help to assist concentration and also be used to calm panic or anxiety or to manage outbursts of anger.

  1. Find somewhere comfortable to sit, relaxing the shoulders and placing the hands gently over the abdomen
  2. If it is possible breathe in and out through the nose counting in for 7 and out for 11 (if this is too difficult, adjust the number but keep the out breath longer than the in breath.
  3. If you are doing it correctly your shoulders will remain still and your tummy will get bigger and smaller as you breathe (called belly or diaphragmatic breathing)
  4. You might find it helpful to do with your eyes closed.
Stress Control - online free course -