Sligo PPN & Streat Feast : Community Activity Pack

Sligo PPN & Streat Feast : Community Activity Pack

Street Feast has been working for eleven years to encourage neighbours to celebrate their local communities by gathering over great food.

The aim is that by building connections between neighbours we will increase the strength of the community overall and lead to more inclusive, healthier and happier communities.

During lock-down, in the absence of family visits and normal social life many have relied on the kindness and support of neighbours for support and to provide the human connection we need.

As restrictions change, it is important that those who are isolating do not get forgotten so Sligo PPN has supported Streat Feast in launcing their Community Activity Challenge, providing 30+ socially distanced activities that encourage residents to stay connected to those cocooning through fun and friendly activities.

The guide includes some practical tips and steps for each activity to help get you started. We are looking for people to be creative and celebrate community – to get the bunting out, bring back a bit of colour to the neighbourhood and connect with neighbours!

We know that communities come in all different shapes and sizes. So whether its activities for rural neighbourhoods, apartments or housing estates - we hope the guide has something to ensure all communities have the chance to be included.

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