Keeping kids active

Kids need to be active every day. All activity, no matter how short, counts. Keeping kids active helps them to build strong muscles, healthy bones, agility and co-ordination, while improving self-esteem, mood, energy and sleep patterns.

  • kids should play and be active at a moderate to vigorous level, for at least 60 minutes every day
  • if you have a garden playing games outside as a family is a great way to get some fresh air and physical activity in without even thinking. There are some great ideas at START to get you started
  • there’s some brilliant weekly skill drills and wellbeing challenges being developed by top GAA players and coaches to help everyone stay active and stay well while staying home. Why don’t you get everyone to join in and become part of the team? All details are available here or just follow your local GAA club our county social media accounts
  • parkrun also have a range of videos called School of parkrun, setting daily parkrun themed tasks covering 5 subjects; English, Maths, Science, Geography, and Art
  • Starting on Monday, April 27th, Active Home Week aims to motivate young people to keep active at home by trying out new activities, taking on challenges and having fun with family activities. To complete the challenge, young people have to find four different ways of being active every day, making sure that this adds up to 60 minutes or more, of physical activity. All members of the family are encouraged to take part. Go to for more information.
  • sometimes all you need is a wall and a hurley/football/tennis racket and a ball
  • babies and toddlers need to be physically active too. Chasing games and music and action songs are a great way to encourage them to be physically active or try also, light activities, such as building blocks or playing on the floor
  • ball activities like kicking, catching and throwing
  • copycat activities such as skip, jump, hop

Here is one example of activity to keep your little ones busy while they are off school. Joe Wicks aka the Body Coach is doing a live workout every weekday morning at 9am. It’s aimed at kids but parents are very welcome to join in too!