Older Adult Home Exercise Plan

Older Adult Home Exercise Plan

This is a 4-week home exercise initiative for Older Adults of all abilities.

Over a 4-week period, the guidelines are to try and reach the minimum of 30 minutes of daily physical activity, as recommended in Ireland’s National Physical Activity Plan.

Try to be active for 30 minutes in one go or for 3 bouts of 10 minutes at a time. A good idea would be to combine the exercises in this booklet with some other aerobic activity such as walking, cycling or gardening.

Making it Happen

  1. Every evening decide which activities you are going to do tomorrow.
  2. Decide when and where you will do your activities.
  3. Prepare and layout any equipment you will need the night before.
  4. Be active and enjoy the sense of wellbeing afterwards.

Why use this resource?

  • It helps us age better – we are living longer and being active enhances the quality of those added years.
  • It helps us retain our independence – it is important to be able to do things in life that enable us to live as independently as possible.
  • It helps protect us from common diseases like heart disease and diabetes. It also reduces our risk of falling.
  • Being physically active can help us feel better – physically and mentally by keeping our minds sharp!

All activities in this booklet

  • Can be modified to suit all abilities and ages
  • Can be designed using household items
  • Can be done indoors or outdoors
  • Can be done individually or with a family member or friend.

If you want help with any aspect of this plan or would like to know how and where to avail of other physical activity opportunities, please contact your Local Sports Partnership.

Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership
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Tel: 071 916 1511
Web: www.sligosportandrecreation.ie 
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Older Adult Home Exercise Plan leaflet (PDF) - 1,463 kbs  PDF