Exwell | The exercise programme

Exwell  | The exercise programme

ExWell Medical are proud to introduce our online classes

They have classes to suit everyone including:

Standard Class – this is a moderate intensity class that is suited for most individuals and is a good class to start out with. There will be aerobic, resistance, core and balance exercises. The instructor will give ways to make certain exercises easier or harder depending what is comfortable for you.

Gentle Class – this class is mostly chair based and is suitable for individuals who need a lower intensity work out. Aerobic, resistance, core and balance exercises will be given.

Advanced Class – this class is only suitable to those who are able for high intensity exercise. Aerobic, resistance, core and balance exercises will be complete.

Yoga –is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices. The fundamental purpose of yoga is to foster harmony in the body, mind, and environment. Yoga has many physical as well as mental benefits.

Dance - one of our previous participants Dorothy takes you through a fun way to get your workout done. There will be two types of classes, 'Standard Class for Beginners' which is suitable for almost all participants and also a 'Gentle Chair Based' class suitable for those who require a lower intensity work out.

You do not need to be an ExWell attendee, and everyone is welcome to take part.

The link is via the website exwell.ie with the specific link https://www.exwell.ie/onlineclasses

Participants can pay per class (€5 per class) which allows them to view it as many times as they like

They can also pay €40 for 1 month of unlimited classes