Sligo Dragonfly Survey

Sligo Dragonfly Survey

The Biodiversity team from Sligo Tidy Towns and Sligo Public Participation Network (PPN) are planning on recording as many dragonfly and damselfly species as possible in Co Sligo this summer.

Of course the current necessary restrictions may limit our work but we hope members of the public can help by recording any dragonflies or damselflies they see while out taking exercise around their home or in their gardens.

In the recent well-being consultations hosted by Sligo PPN, members of the community were asked to identify what aspects of life had the most impact on their health and wellbeing. While of course physical health and diet were recognized as being important, it was other areas such as the condition of the natural environment and protecting biodiversity that came up as the main concerns for people in terms of enhancing their own mental well-being and ensuring the health of future generations.

This dragonfly project will be a great way for people isolated at home to take part in a project aimed at mapping and ultimately protecting these beautiful and important insects. It is also something that all generations can do together.

Just give a location and date of your discoveries and, even better, if you can take a photograph and post it on the Facebook page (Sligo Dragonfly Survey) and if it can be identified it will be added to the records. Members of the Biodiversity team will also give regular update posts on the page to give more information on the survey along with identification tips.

The new Dragonfly poster is also available to download on the Facebook page or at where there are also colouring pages to download and print to keep the kids entertained.