Quick meals

Many of you with young families are now finding yourselves juggling childcare, full-time work and other competing responsibilities. Maybe you’re in an essential role with very little time to cook or are having to cook for yourself for the first time. Whatever your circumstance, figuring out “What’s for dinner?” can be a daily challenge.

For absolute beginners, Safefood have some great videos on basic kitchen skills. 

Safefood - videos on basic kitchen skills

Fresh produce is almost always the best option, but when it is not available there are plenty of healthy alternatives that are easy to store and prepare e.g tinned and frozen foods. Make sure your store cupboard is stocked with key everyday ingredients, for example pasta, rice, and eggs.

Safefood have lots of recipes for really nutritious simple meals.

Here are our favourites:

  • fish pie – page 42
  • chicken fajitas – page 58
  • beef tacos – page 29
  • Spanish tortilla – page 63
Safefood - nutritious simple meals
Safefood - Easy Recipes YouTube playlist