Healthy eating routine tips

Healthy eating routine tips Food Pyramid

Keeping to some sort of schedule each day will help stave off boredom which may have you grazing on easily accessible foods all day. Such structures are also good for children who may be out of their usual routine.

  • try to keep to regular times for 3 meals and 2-3 snack breaks a day
  • set an alarm on your phone for the first few days to remind you to keep to these routines
  • try to pick healthier foods if you can. Use the food pyramid as a guide
  • put a reminder or note on the fridge and treats cupboard to make you think twice before eating outside of mealtimes
  • make a list of the meals you’re going to make so it can help you plan for the week.
  • make sure to drink plenty of water, keeping hydrated is so important

You can find more help with developing your food plans here.

Here is an example that you can follow or amend to suit yourself.