Pesticides and Water Quality

If you decide that the best solution to your pest problem is a chemical one, by itself or preferably combined with non-chemical treatments, be aware of the need to protect yourself and the environment. 

The basic steps in reducing pesticide risks are –

  • Choosing the right pesticide product.
  • Reading the product label carefully.
  • Determining the right amount to purchase and use.
  • Using the product safely and correctly.
  • Storing and disposing of pesticides and their containers properly.

To help you protect the environment and water quality, in particular sensitive areas such as drinking water abstraction points, Sligo County Council have compiled a series of leaflets regarding the use of pesticides including  a leaflet which highlights what you can do to minimize the potential pollution for pesticides to enter water courses. These leaflets are available to download by clicking on the links below.

Pesticide Use and Protection of Water Quality (PDF) - 317 kbs

Good Practice Guide for Empty Pesticide Containers EPA and DAFM Leaflet (PDF) - 944 kbs

Storing and Using Pesticides DAFF Leaflet (PDF) - 172 kbs

Protecting Drinking Water from Pesticides – Advice for Farmers and Other Professional Users (PDF) - 1,404 kbs

Protecting Drinking Water from Pesticides – Herbicide use in Grassland (PDF) - 1,310 kbs

Protecting Drinking Water from Pesticides – Advice for Gardeners and Household Users (PDF) - 790 kbs

The Voluntary Initiative -
EPA Advice & Guidance Farm Waste -