Purchasing a Water Filter

If you are considering spending money on a water treatment unit, here are some important items you should consider.
If you are on the Public Water Supply, your drinking water supply must meet European drinking water quality standards. Water that meets these standards is safe to drink without having to install a water filter system in your home. Sligo County Council carries out testing of all public water supplies and if the water is not safe, there is a requirement to inform consumers. 
If a water filter company approaches you claiming that your water is not safe, then our advice to you is first to check the status of your supply by contacting the Irish Water or the Health Services Executive, who will be able to provide you with advice on the quality of your water supply.
Different filters do different things, therefore it is important to ensure that if you do have to install a water filter on your private supply, then you should seek professional advice before making your decision to purchase.
Be aware that if you have a water treatment unit on your supply, you should ensure that it is maintained regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Often filters need to be maintained by replacing cartridges or membranes. If these are not replaced your supply could be at risk. 
If you have to purchase a water treatment unit for your supply, you should ensure that the unit is purchased from a reputable supplier, and you should find out about the maintenance costs, replacement cartridges etc, before purchasing.