Requirements of the Public




  1. Contact your local Waste Collector to arrange for the provision of three bins/receptacles (if living in a three bin area in Sligo) or two bins/receptacles (if outside of a three bin area).  Your Waste Collector will outline the payment methods, collection days, what is accepted in each waste stream and contamination issues.  There are six permitted Waste Collectors operating in the Sligo area.  Details of their contacts are on the main page for your information.  
  2. It is advised that you change your current system and arrange for the provision of these receptacles by 3rd February 2014 as the sale of bags from retail outlets will cease from this date.  You must have all changes in place within your household before 4th March 2014 as this is the final date for all changes to be made.  
  3. If you avail of Civic Amenity Sites and wish to continue doing so, there is no problem in doing this provided you maintain receipts (for a minimum of three years) to prove how you have disposed of your waste types.  The same applies if availing of kerbside collection and Civic Amenity Sites, you can continue to do so provided you maintain receipts.  
  4. If you use a garden composter for green/uncooked food waste, you can continue this practice.  This is highly encouraged for people living in areas requiring a two bin collection service only.  However, for areas that a third bin is being introduced into, you can continue to use your garden composter if you have one on site, however the volume of food waste which has traditionally been put in your general waste stream must now go into the third bin for food waste collection.  An itemised list of what can be placed in each waste stream is available to view/download from this website.  
  5. Burning of household waste and/or evidence of burning is prohibited under the Waste Management (Prohibition of Disposal by Burning) Regulations 2009 and holds heavy penalties under these Regulations, the Waste Management Act 1996, as amended and under the recently adopted Sligo County Council Waste Management Bye-Laws 2013.  
  6. Monitoring of household and commercial waste tonnages will be taking place from 4th March 2014, to ensure all customers can account for waste arisings across general, recyclable and organic waste streams.  Noted discrepancies will involve investigation from Waste Enforcement Staff of Sligo Local Authorities.