Adopt a Dog - Sligo Dog Shelter

Currently our Dog Shelter works with Dogs Trust and local welfare charities to re-home dogs. Where a dog is surrendered or an owner doesn’t come forward it stays at the shelter until we get a call usually from Dogs Trust or sometimes from local welfare groups.

Dogs are then transferred to Dogs Trust every few weeks and they re-home them or are re-homed from the shelter.  In 2019, 248 dogs came into the centre. Of these 52 were claimed back by their owners, 147 were transferred to dog welfare groups mainly Dogs Trust, 44 were homed from the shelter and only 5 were put to sleep and this is one of the best records in the country.

An Post have introduced a system for purchasing Dog Licences online via the payments section of this website or via You can also still buy your licence from your local Post Office.

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