Lighting as a Service

Sligo County Council recently completed a large lighting retrofit project with the help of the ESB’s Lighting as a Service scheme. This project saw the replacement of old light fittings and light bulbs in County Hall, City Hall, Teach Laighne and the Sligo Regional Sports Centre. By changing the outdated lighting infrastructure in these buildings, it is expected that there will be a significant decrease in the energy use of each building – thus saving both electricity cost and emissions.

More information on the Lighting as a Service scheme can be found here.


Sligo County Council has been working with the OPW on their Optimising Power @ Work scheme to help to further reduce our energy use and meet our target of reducing public sector emissions by 51% by 2030.

This scheme helps achieve this target by helping promote organisational culture change with the Reduce Your Use awareness campaign and by providing the county council with an energy consultant who can advise on technical aspects of the council’s energy use.

More information on the Optimising Power @ Work Scheme can be found here.

Public Lighting

Sligo County Council is participating in a national project to replace existing public lighting with modern energy efficient LED lights. Retrofitting to LED lights is better for the climate, saves money and improves light quality. It can

  • Cut energy use in half and reduce CO2 emissions
  • Help Ireland meet our statutory energy efficient targets
  • Reduce energy and maintenance costs by 55%

More information on the project can be found at

ISO 50001

In further efforts to improve the organisations energy efficiency, Sligo County Council has begun the process of implementing the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard. It is hoped that certification can be achieved in 2024.

This standard will require the organisation to develop a policy for more efficient energy use, to set targets to achieve this and to measure the results.

More information on ISO 50001 can be found here.