Key environmental messages

  1. Don’t litter and don’t tolerate those who do.
  2. Do not dump waste, sign up to a permitted refuse collector or use licensed facilities.
  3. Dog fouling is an environmental nuisance, in a built up areas you must clean up after your pet!
  4. Endeavour to minimise your waste, particularly when shopping.
  5. Use your ‘bag for life’.
  6. Use your kerbside recycling service – it will save you money as well as protect our environment!
  7. Use bring banks for glass bottles and jars and cans, but don’t leave materials at or about these facilities.
  8. Try composting – composting kits are available very cheap from the county council offices.
  9. Do not give waste to any person unless they hold a valid permit.
  10. Don’t burn waste, either in an open fire or in the back yard as even burning paper can release very harmful chemicals and dioxins into the environment.
  11. Support National Spring Clean - participate in a local cleanup event.
  12. Separate hazardous waste for safe disposal at the Tubbercurry Recycling Centre, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo.
  13. Be energy conscious, when not in use, knock off lights, power off appliances and choose energy efficient labels A & B on new goods.
  14. Don’t pour chemicals or unknown products down the drain. Protect surface and groundwater, remember these are our drinking water sources.