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Context of Sligo 2030 One Voice One Vision

Sligo County Council, working in partnership with the Local Community Development Committee, the Strategic Policy Committee for Planning Community & Economic Development and the Sligo Economic Forum, is developing an overarching Strategic Framework to guide the development of all of County Sligo over the next 8 to 10 years. Entitled Sligo 2030 One Voice One Vision, this framework will act as an integrated multi-sectoral ‘Local Economic & Community Plan’, integrating Economic, Social, Community and Spatial Planning for all of Sligo based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals with an ambition for a smart and green Sligo.


Objective of Sligo 2030

Sligo 2030 will be an innovative, ambitious, and transformational plan for both City and County, that will align with local, regional, national, and international policy and strategy. Sligo County Council, acknowledging Sligo’s unique location, its important economic status as a Regional Growth Centre, and the needs of its people, have set about creating a transformational plan to develop Sligo over the next 10 years. Sligo 2030 will be guided by the principles of being smart, green, sustainable, and inclusive.

The plan will focus on four key areas of ambition:

  • Growing Sligo into its role as a Regional Growth Centre
  • Positioning Sligo to the forefront of smart digital transformation
  • Positioning Sligo as an exemplar region in climate action
  • Improving the living conditions and health of the people of Sligo

It is envisaged that by 2030, Sligo and its people will be more prosperous, have more job opportunities, be leaders in smart digital transformation and climate action, and be known as a place for an exemplary quality of life where others want to live, work, invest and visit.


Socio-Economic Statement, High Level Goals and Vision

Informed by the findings of the consultation process, the Socio-Economic Statement High Level Goals and Vision outlines the policy context for the Sligo 2030 plan, a full socio-economic profile, an overview of the consultation process, a SCOT analysis, and a needs analysis covering both Sligo County and Town.  It also includes the vision and high-level goals for Sligo to 2030. 

The process to date has involved extensive public consultation and stakeholder engagement to ensure citizen awareness and input, and ensure collaborative working with agencies, businesses, and educational institutions. 

The Socio-Economic Statement document has been agreed by the LCDC, the SPC, and the Sligo Economic Forum.  It has also been adopted by all three Municipal Districts.

Taking into account the completed analysis, the findings from the consultation process and the identified needs, the document outlines areas of ambition for the Sligo 2030 plan. The information and findings from this document, including the SCOT analysis and the key identified needs, will now be used to further develop the new Sligo 2030 One Voice One Vision strategic framework.

The next stage in the development of the new Sligo 2030 plan will see further development and refinement through the drafting of objectives and actions to be agree with the agencies delivering then and will be timebound and measurable. Once the actions have been agreed, the process will proceed to the development of the final One Voice One Vision strategic framework, with implementation plan, for adoption by the LCDC, SPC and full Council.

Sligo Socio-Economic Statement (PDF) - 6,865 kbs  PDF
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