Natura Impact Statements

This is a list of Natura Impact Statements (NIS) received by Sligo County Council:

PL 18/210 – Natura Impact Statement accompanying application by Irish Water for “Development consisting of permission to upgrade the existing water treatment plant (WTP) at Gortersluin, Lough Talt, Co Sligo.  This development will consist of containerised process units, tank structures, construction of an entrance/egress onto the R294 (with existing entrance to be closed off), landscaping and site development works (including cut and fill and retaining walls) and associated ancillary works at the existing water treatment plant site, at Gortersluin, Lough Talt, Co Sligo.  The development also includes the installation of an irrigation system at a site adjacent to Lough Talt in the townland of Gortersluin, 2 km north-west of the existing water treatment plant.  A Natura Impact Statement in respect of the application has been prepared and will be submitted to the planning authority with the planning application”

Appendix C - Volume 1 - Screening for Appropriate Assessment Article 6(3) and Natura Impact Statement Article 6(4) (PDF) - 16,365 kbs  PDF
Appendix D Volume 2 - Article 6(4) Assessment of Alternatives and Imperative Reasons of Overriding Public Interest (PDF) - 4,943 kbs  PDF
Appendix E Volume 3 - Article 6(4) Compensatory Measures (PDF) - 3,200 kbs  PDF

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