Traveller Accommodation

Review of Current Traveller Accommodation Programme 2014-2018

“The Minister of Environment, Community and Local Government directed that a review of this Accommodation Programme should be carried out no later than 31st December 2016. A mid-term review of the programme was completed on 16th December 2016 by the Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee and it was considered that the number of household units delivered to date were in keeping with the targets set out in the programme and that therefore it was not necessary to make any amendments to the current programme. 


Traveller Accommodation Plan 2014-2018

Sligo County Council recognises Travellers’ identity as a minority ethnic group, some of whom are nomadic. It is the policy of the Council to have meaningful consultation, based on Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government Guidelines, with Travellers and their representatives, about their accommodation needs, and to provide, where appropriate, Traveller specific accommodation. There is, however, the need to be realistic in the current climate of reduced budgets for capital provision.

A key objective of Sligo County Council is to develop the County in a manner which contributes to the positive well being and quality of life for all citizens. Sligo County Council endeavours to meet the needs of Travellers using the range of accommodation options available to the Council, (subject to funding and approval), including group and standard housing, long term leasing and rental accommodation schemes as well as permanent residential halting sites. This provision takes place in consultation with the Travelling community, the settled community and with the various other statutory and voluntary agencies delivering services to Travellers, as required

Sligo County Council employs a full time Traveller Liaison Officer to work with the travelling community, whose duties include working with families to identify and assist with their accommodation needs.

Traveller Liaison Officer,
Housing Section,
Sligo County Council,

Phone: 071 911 1222



Traveller Accommodation Programme 2014 – 2018 - 602 kbs  PDF