Charlestown-Bellaghy LAP 2010-2016

Charlestown-Bellaghy Local Area Plan 2010 - 2016

The Charlestown-Bellaghy Local Area Plan (LAP) was prepared by Sligo County Council in conjunction with Mayo County Council.

The LAP was adopted on the 24 May 2010 and amended on 9 July 2012, thus bringing it in line with the Core Strategies of both Sligo and Mayo County Development Plans.

Hard copies of the Charlestown-Bellaghy LAP, as amended, are available for inspection and purchase from the Planning Offices of Sligo County Council and Mayo County Council 

Charlestown-Bellaghy LAP – Written Statement (as amended) - 1,878 kbs  

Charlestown-Bellaghy LAP Land Use Zoning Map (as amended) - 300 kbs

Charlestown-Bellaghy LAP Strategic Objectives Map (as amended) - 270 kbs

Charlestown-Bellaghy LAP - Heritage Map (PDF) - 315 kbs

Charlestown-Bellaghy LAP – SEA Screening Report (PDF) - 1,425 kbs

Charlestown-Bellaghy LAP – AA Screening Report (PDF) - 1,966 kbs


Environmental assessment of the 2012 amendment

Following screening and consultation with prescribed environmental authorities, the Planning Authorities have determined that the amendment to the Charlestown-Bellaghy Local Area Plan was not likely to have significant effects on the environment. Therefore, Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was not required.

An Appropriate Assessment Screening Report and a Strategic Flood Risk Assessment have also been prepared in relation to the amendment.

SEA Screening Report - 1,523 kbs

SEA Decision - 36 kbs

AA Screening Report - 5,004 kbs