Housing Repair and Leasing Scheme

A key component of the Rebuilding Ireland Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness is a new scheme, the Vacant Housing Repair and Leasing Initiative, which targets the delivery of social housing and also ensures that existing housing stock is used to the maximum degree possible.

The Scheme is open to owners of houses or apartments and also vacant commercial properties that have been vacant for at least one year (proof required) and which require an amount of repairs to bring the property to the required standard for rented properties.  There will have to be a social housing demand for the property and also the property has to be assessed as being viable to provide social housing and compliance with planning regulations including change of use where necessary.

Repair and improvement works necessary to suitable vacant properties are to be funded by Local Authorities or Approved Housing Bodies (A.H.B.) in return for the property being made available for social housing through a lease for a period of at least 10 years. The cost of the works is deducted from lease(rent) payments over an agreed lease period.  Rents will be agreed through negotiation with the Local Authority/A.H.B.  The maximum rent to be agreed under the terms of social leasing will be 80% (85% in the case of apartments) of the current market rent. Rent reviews will usually take place every three or four years. 

Property inspections would be carried out by Council or Approved Housing Body staff who would identify the works required to bring the property to the required standard. Property owners will also be required to prove ownership of the house and tax compliance.  It will be the responsibility of the owner to ensure that they consult with their finance/mortgage provider and get consent to enter into a leasing arrangement, if required.  The maximum cost of repairs allowed under the Scheme will be €80,000 including VAT.  It is in the interests of the property owner that repair costs are not excessive, as the property owner is paying for these repairs through an offset against rental income. 

The Council would in particular be interested in such properties in its high demand areas. An Owner can contact the Housing Section for further details or complete and return the Enquiry Form below.



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Further Information

ie - Repair and Leasing Scheme (RLS): Further information (www.gov.ie)


Contact us about Vacant Housing Repair and Leasing Scheme

To enquire about this scheme ring 071 911 1808 / 071 911 1221 or email repairandleasing@sligococo.ie

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