Minutes 2021

Minutes of Adjourned May Ordinary Meeting of Sligo County Council held on Monday, 17th May, 2021 at 12 Noon in The Council Chamber, County Hall, Riverside, Sligo


  • Councillor Bree,
  • Councillor Casserly(R),
  • Councillor MacSharry(R),
  • Councillor Clarke,
  • Councillor Gibbons,
  • Councillor O’Grady,
  • Councillor Gilroy,
  • Councillor Maguire(R),
  • Councillor Mulvey,
  • Councillor O’Boyle,
  • Councillor Taylor(R),
  • Councillor Baker



  • Tom Kilfeather, A/Chief Executive
  • Dorothy Clarke, Director of Services (C)
  • Emer Concannon, A/Director of Services (C)
  • Jimmy O’Brien, A/H.I.S. 
  • Kevin Colreavy, Meetings Administrator
  • Pauline Lavelle, Staff Officer

(R) = participated in the meeting remotely

(C) = participated via County Hall Video Link



Cathaoirleach, Councillor Dara Mulvey, presided.



Apologies were received from Councillor Mullaney, Councillor Fox, Councillor Walsh and Councillor Queenan.



The Cathaoirleach welcomed all present and asked Mr. Kilfeather, Acting Chief Executive and Compliance Officer for the meeting (as required under Health and Safety protocols) to set out the procedures that were in place.

Members participating remotely were Councillors Casserly, MacSharry, Maguire and Taylor. 



Proposed by Councillor Gilroy
Seconded by Councillor Mulvey


“That the Ordinary Meeting of Sligo County Council on 17th May 2021 be adjourned as a mark of respect to the late former Councillor Patsy Barry.”

At the outset, the Cathaoirleach, Councillor D. Mulvey paid tribute to Mr. Barry, and extended his sympathy to his wife Noreen, son Jarlath, daughters and grandchildren, extended family and friends.

Mr. Barry, a former Councillor with Sligo County Council, was described by the Cathaoirleach as being an outstanding public representative who was a great ambassador for the people of North Sligo and was known far and wide for his friendly nature and generous personality.  Mr. Barry was co-opted to Sligo Council in June 1997 to replace Senator Willie Farrell and was subsequently elected Cathaoirleach of Sligo County Council in 2005, and also served as Chairman of the Strategic Policy Committee on Planning and Development, and Chaiman of the County Sligo Heritage Forum.  Mr. Barry would, the Cathaoirleach stated, be always fondly remembered by the Elected Members and staff and their thoughts and prayers are with his wife Noreen and family at this sad time.

Councillor Gilroy fondly remembered Mr. Barry, as both a publican in Grange and also a politician who diligently served the people of North Sligo, with his wife Noreen always by his side. Mr. Barry started his working life as a farmer and built a steady career through hard work and perseverance. He would later take over a pub in Grange, first purchased by his father.  He also drove a school bus to Breaffy NS, and built up a lasting friendship with many of the the school children from those school runs.  In the 1980s he went on to become an auctioneer in the North Sligo area and in 1997 was co-opted to Sligo County Council to replace Senator Willie Farrell.  Councillor Gilroy also wished to acknowledge and thank serving Councillors, former Councillors and politicians who attended a Guard of Honour at the funeral and for the many tributes and fond messages that had been passed on to the family, through him, from various sources, over the last number of days. 

Councillor O’Grady also paid tribute to Mr. Barry and said he will be long remembered by all his colleagues on Sligo County Council, both past and present. Councillor O’Grady had served as Mayor during Mr. Barry’s time as Cathaoirleach of Sligo County Council during which time they had worked closely together.  She extended her condolences to his wife Noreen and all his family at this sad time. 

Councillor Baker also wished to express his sympathies to Mr. Barry’s family and added that Mr. Barry had been a great help to him when he first joined Sligo County Council.  Councillor Baker stated that he was fully dedicated to all those he served, that he will be greatly missed by all who knew him, and that it was a privilege to have known and served with him on Sligo County Council.

Councillor MacSharry stated that he was privileged and fortunate to have known Mr. Barry, who was a mentor to him and his colleagues in the Fianna Fáil party and on the Council.  He described him as an intelligent and diplomatic man who always listened to people’s concerns. Councillor MacSharry conveyed his deepest condolences to Mr. Barry’s family at this time.

Councillor Maguire wished to join with her colleagues in extending her sympathies to Mr. Barry’s family at this time.  Though she had never met him, Councillor Gilroy had eloquently described him, and he will be missed by all. 

Councillor Bree wished to be associated with the vote of sympathy and added that Mr. Barry’s commitment to North Sligo and all of County Sligo was beyond question.  In Councillor Bree’s recollection, Mr. Barry had never quarrelled with anyone and this was a testament to his integrity and hard work and he would be missed by all who knew him. 

Councillor Taylor also wished to be associated with the vote of sympathy and stated that Mr. Barry was spoken very highly of by everyone who knew him, and he wished to extend his condolences to Mr. Barry’s family.

Councillor Gibbons, on behalf of himself and his Sinn Féin colleagues, in particular, Seán and Chris MacManus, wished to be associated with the vote of sympathy to Mr. Barry’s family.  While he had not served with him on Sligo County Council, their paths had crossed while Councillor Gibbons was a member of Sligo Borough Council and he recalled him as a true gentleman.

Councillor Clarke, who had served with Mr. Barry, offered his condolences to Mr. Barry’s family and all of the people in Grange.  He stated that Mr. Barry was very efficient and diligent public representative,  and will be long remembered. 

Councillor O’Boyle also wished to be associated with the vote of sympathy.  While he had not worked with him, his reputation preceeded him, as a highly respected person in County Sligo. 

Councillor Casserly wished to extend her condolences to Mr. Barry’s family and stated that the community work he carried out was his legacy. Councillor Casserly recalled fond memories of Mr. Barry and added that he had ‘retired with ease’, enjoying life in Grange on his bicycle, as had his colleague, former Councillor Joe Leonard, who had both served the North Sligo area.

Acting Chief Executive, Mr. Tom Kilfeather, wished to join with the Cathaoirleach and Members in extending sympathy on his own behalf, and on behalf of the staff on Sligo County Council, and on behalf of his predecessors, Mr. Ciarán Hayes and Mr. Hubert Kearns, to Mr. Barry’s family, and to his brothers Hubert and Fergus.  Mr. Kilfeather said that Mr. Barry’s funeral reflected the regard in which he was held.  The dignity of the Guard of Honour afforded by Members, present and former, was a fitting and deserved tribute.

The Cathaoirleach, Councillor Mulvey, thanked all present for the heartfelt tributes paid to their departed colleague.

It was proposed by Councillor Gilroy
Seconded by Councillor O’Grady


“That the meeting stand adjourned until Monday, 24th May, 2021 at 10.00am.”



The business of the meeting concluded at 12.30pm.


Meeting Date 17/05/2021