Minutes 2005

Minutes of the Special Meeting of Sligo County Council Held on 3rd October 2005 at 11.00am in the Council Chamber, County Hall, Riverside, Sligo


  • Barrett,
  • Barry,
  • Bree,
  • Cawley,
  • Colleary,
  • Conmy,
  • Devins,
  • Fleming,
  • Fox,
  • Gormley,
  • Healy McGowan,
  • Henry,
  • Higgins,
  • Kilgannon,
  • Lundy,
  • MacManus,
  • McGarry,
  • McGrath,
  • McLoughlin,
  • Mullaney,
  • Murray,
  • Queenan,
  • Sherlock.


  • Mr T. Caffrey, Deputy County Manager
  • Mr J. Murphy, Acting Director of Services
  • Ms D. Clarke, Director of Services
  • Ms M. Mc Connell, Senior Executive Officer
  • Mr F. Mac Nabb, Administrative Officer
  • Mr P. Flanagan, Senior Executive Engineer
  • Ms P. Brennan, Acting Staff Officer
  • Ms F. Couch, Clerical Officer


The Cathaoirleach, Councillor P. Barry presided.

The Cathaoirleach welcomed representatives from the Health Service Executive, Mr Pat Dolan, Local Health Office Manager, Mr Tom Daly, Corporate Co-ordinator and Mr Charlie Beirne, NDP Manager.

Mr P. Dolan gave a presentation outlining the changes which have taken place in the process of bringing the Health Services Executive into operation.  He informed the members of the functions of the Health Services Executive and outlined the membership of the Health Services Executive Management Team and Board.

In response to a query about a consultant neurologist for Sligo General Hospital the members were informed that the post of consultant neurologist has been approved and interviews will commence shortly.

In response to queries Mr Dolan stated that interviews will shortly be held for the post of consultant oncologist at Sligo Hospice.

Health forums are being established with councillors being appointed in a representational and advisory capacity.  The North West Forum is expected to have representation of 3 councillors from Sligo, 5 from Donegal and 2 from Leitrim.

Proposed by Councillor P. Conmy
Seconded by Councillor T. Mc Loughlin


“That Dr. Brendan Healy be invited to address a council meeting regarding radiotherapy in Sligo”.

Mr P. Dolan stated that very high tech services e.g. radiotherapy need a high volume of patients in order to retain a high standard of staff, for this reason centres of excellence will be established based on best practice.

Approval was received for the reconfiguration of the accident and emergency department at Sligo General Hospital.  There is a reasonable confidence that a 16 bed medical assessment unit would also be provided at Sligo General Hospital and Mr Dolan stated that if both come on stream it should make a considerable improvement to waiting times at the Hospital.

Mr C. Beirne outlined the capital programme, the capital budget is €564 million this year, €603 million next year and €700 million the following year.  There are a number of projects going through the planning process and a number which have been approved, the orthodontic unit, renal unit and mortuary have been completed.

With regard to concerns about super bugs Mr Dolan informed the meeting that a full time micro biologist is employed in Sligo General Hospital and the situation is being monitored.  A national template is being introduced which stresses the importance of hygiene.

Concerns were expressed regarding perceived cutbacks in the home help services, in response Mr Dolan stated that demands had increased and the health service have to keep within their budget.

In response to queries regarding Nazareth House Mr Dolan stated that the Health Service Executive have a service level agreement and fund staffing and care costs in Nazareth house.  New developments are under way and when a new unit is built it is intended that the Health Service Executive will lease the old building in order to run clinics.

Proposed by Councillor T. Mc Loughlin
Seconded by Councillor I. Fox


“That the Minister for Health Ms Mary Harney will meet a deputation from this council as a matter of urgency to address the many important health issues affecting Sligo and the North West which were highlighted at the special meeting with the Health Service Executive on 3rd October”.

The meeting ended at 1.10pm

Meeting Date 03/10/2005