Telesis Property Marking Unit Events

The Community Policing Unit at Sligo Garda Station will be holding the following Property Marking Events:


Monday 26th July, 2021  

6 pm - 8 pm  

Mitchell Curley Park

Monday 2nd August, 2021 

6 pm - 8 pm  

Village Inn Car Park, Cartron


The property marking machine works by engraving the Eircode number of the property owner on to an item which provides traceability in the event of the item being stolen and recovered. Examples of such items that can be marked include Bicycles, Garage and Garden tools, Trailers, Farm machinery etc 

If you are bringing your property to be marked, you must have your Eircode number

Access to the unit is available free of charge to groups wishing to organise events in their area. If you wish to host an event to mark property in your area, please email or phone  071 911 1111.

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Sligo County Council 

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