N4-N15 Sligo Urban Improvement Scheme - Reopening of N16 Duck Street Westbound & N16/Barrack Street Junction

The following changes will be made to traffic management measures currently in place on site:

Lifting of the N16 Westbound Diversion

It is currently planned to lift the current N16 diversion and reopen the  N16 Westbound to traffic from Thursday 1st April 2021.

Reopening of the N16/Barrack Street Junction

It is currently planned to reopen the N16 Barrack Street Junction to all traffic from Thursday 1st April 2021.

Please be advised that due to the permanent reconfiguration of the N4/N16/Barrack Street junction the following will now apply going forward to traffic on Barrack Street/Holborn Street looking to access the N4/N15 National Primary Road northbound.

  • There will be no access to the N4/N15 Northbound for traffic travelling north along Barrack Street.
  • Access to the N15 Northbound from Barrack Street/Holborn Street will be via Holborn Hill and N16 Duck Street.
  • Access to the N4 Southbound from Barrack Street will be available.
  • Access from the N16 Westbound on Barrack Street will be available
  • Access from the N16 Eastbound onto Barrack Street will be via the N16 Duck Street Roundabout.

Sligo County Council apologises for any inconvenience arising from these works.