Establishment of Disability Consultative Committee

The National Disability Inclusion Strategy (2017-2021) was introduced to promote greater inclusion by people with disabilities in Irish society.

Invitation of Expressions of Interest

The National Disability Inclusion Strategy (2017-2021) was introduced to promote greater inclusion by people with disabilities in Irish society.  One of the key objectives of the strategy is to give legal effect to the principle that mainstream public services should serve people with disabilities alongside other citizens, as set out in the Disability Act 2005.  Sligo County Council’s Disability Inclusion & Access Strategy 2019 – 2022 was published in May 2019 and  sets out how the Authority will provide for the needs of persons with disabilities across the wide range of services that it delivers to the public on behalf of the state. 

This Council’s Disability Inclusion & Access Strategy 2019 – 2022 Strategy was developed by the Council’s Disability Consultative Committee following an extensive Public Consultation Process, and going forward it will be the role of this Committee to oversee the implementation of the Strategy and report to the full Council on progress.  The Council is currently in the process of re-establishing the Disability Consultative Committee as a sub Committee of its Housing and Corporate Strategic Policy Committee.  The Committee, as well as overseeing the implementation of the Disability Inclusion & Access Strategy, will provide a forum for consultation with the disability sector to ensure linkage between the policies of the Council and disability issues. The Committee will consist of elected members, Local Authority Staff, persons with disabilities, representatives from Disability advocacy groups, and relevant Agencies.  The term of the Committee corresponds to the terms of the elected Council, i.e to May 2024.

The Council wishes to invite expressions of interest from disability representative and advocacy organisation / groups and persons with disabilities who would like to be considered for becoming a member of and contributing to the activities of the Committee.  Expressions of Interest, outlining details of the basis on which membership of the Committee is being sought and relevant background, should be submitted to:

In writing to:   John Moran, Senior Executive Officer, Sligo County Council, Riverside, Sligo.

By email:

Not later than:   close of business Friday 4th September 2020

It is intended that the Committee constituted following this process will contain a broad representation of disability interests, and as the number of places available is limited, it may not be possible to accommodate all expressions of interest.  Selection will be based on the information submitted in the written expression of interest.

Further information available at:

Launch of Sligo County Council Disability, Inclusion and Access Strategy