Declaration of Roads to be Public Roads

Notice is hereby given that it is the intention of Sligo County Council to consider the making of a declaration that the roads listed hereunder to be public roads.

Maps showing the roads involved may be inspected below between Thursday, 10th November, 2022 and Monday, 12th December, 2022.

Objections or representations may be made in writing to the Acting Director of Services, Infrastructural Services Section, Sligo County Council, Riverside, Sligo in relation to such declaration before 5 pm on Thursday, 29th December, 2022.

Description of Roads to be Public Roads 

Road NumberLocation and Terminal Points
L-92152-0  The road serving development known as "Claragh Glen, Tonaphubble, Sligo.
L-92153-0 The road serving development known as "The Stirrups", Tonaphubble, Sligo.
"Claragh Glen", Tonaphubble, Sligo - Map (PDF) - 453 kbs  PDF
"The Stirrups", Tonaphubble, Sligo - Map (PDF) - 472 kbs  PDF

For further information please contact S McNamara on 071 9111495.


Mr. Erner Concannon
A/Director of Services
Infrastructural Services Section