Bathing prohibited at Enniscrone and Mullaghmore Beaches

Bathing Water monitoring was carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements on 9th August 2021 at County Sligo’s five bathing water beaches.

Microbiological analysis on the sample taken at Enniscrone and Mullaghmore beaches were non-compliant with Bathing Water Regulations; high levels of Intestinal Enterococci were present in the sample.

In order to protect bathers’ health, Sligo County Council in accordance with National Protocol, is arranging the erection of a Bathing Water Prohibition Notice at the beaches today (11th August 2021).

The Prohibition Notice will remain in place until it is proven that there is no risk to bathers.  Further sampling was undertaken today (11th August) and further instructions will be issued in accordance with agreed national protocols when the results of this test are available.  It is hoped that the Prohibition Notice can be removed over the weekend.

Sligo County Council appreciates the cooperation of the general public in complying with the conditions of the Prohibition Notice.