Mercy College students visit County Hall

Mercy College students visit County Hall Second year Mercy College students who visited County Hall as part of their ‘World at Work’ programme

Second year students of Mercy College, Sligo, visited the offices of Sligo County Council on Monday 28th February. The visit was arranged under the ‘Business in the Community World of Work programme.’

Accompanying the students were Edel Kenny, Education and Enterprise Coordinator Cranmore Regeneration Project, Fania Ellison – Business in the Community Ireland and teacher Nicola Moran.

The students were welcomed by the Cathaoirleach Councillor Paul Taylor, who gave an overview of the role of the Councillor; While the local government system is divided into elected Members - or Councillors- and staff, the reality is that we work together to plan and deliver projects and find resolutions to problems. It could be argued that the life of a Councillor is a fragile one - we are elected for a five year term, and then the public - or electorate - can decide if they have confidence in us to continue the job.

But the experience of being a Councillor can also be very positive and rewarding, we have the capacity to make real changes and to deliver for our communities and the people we represent.’ The students then received three presentations on the some of most topical issues facing the Council:  

Housing is arguably the most important service provided by local authorities, and Senior Architect Sean Martin outlined how this service is provided in Sligo

Climate change is one of the most challenging issues of our generation globally, Sligo County Council’s Environmental Awareness Officer, Pete Murtagh discussed how every citizen can make a real difference.

Like every other Local Authority, Sligo County Council aims to promote our county at national and international level, and Gordon Burke, Economic Officer, discussed how we are branding Sligo as the optimum place in which to live in invest and visit, the three strands to the Council’s branding strategy.

Edel Kenny, Education and Enterprise Coordinator Cranmore Regeneration Project said “It was a welcome return to normality in having the students visit in person County Hall as part of the World of Work programme. It was a great opportunity for the students to see a place of work, to meet the Cathaoirleach, the speakers and to hear about the varied roles they perform. I believe the in-person session enabled greater interaction by the students who asked some tough questions around climate change and tourism. I wish to thank all that facilitated the visit and the students who made for such an enjoyable afternoon.”  

Mercy College Group County Hall Attending the presentation to students of Mercy College in the Council Chamber County Hall were Left to Right Martin Lydon, Chief Executive, Fania Ellison, Business in the Community Ireland, Cathaoirleach Cllr Paul Taylor, Edel Kenny, Education and Enterprise Coordinator Cranmore Regeneration Project, Pete Murtagh, Environmental Awareness Officer, Gordon Burke, Economic Officer